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Carpet/Rug & Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is important! Carpeting is a major investment in your home, and regular cleanings are necessary to keep it looking new. Just as the clothes we wear need regular washing to keep them fresh and hygienic, so carpets require periodic professional carpet cleaning. Accumulated soil and grit are major causes of reduced carpet life, and enable destructive and health harmful mites and bacteria to work unchecked. Carpet cleaning costs are minimal when you consider the replacement cost of carpets and soft furnishings, so regular cleaning makes economic sense too.

Our carpet cleaning pros use only the most powerful and effective carpet cleaning equipment manufactured by the industry leaders. They have made significant investments in the latest technologies for cleaning soft furnishings so they can give you the benefit of cleaner and healthier carpets.

Rug Cleaning

Rugs are beautiful pieces of fine art. They deserve to be looked after regularly in order to keep their beauty for as long as possible. For best results with any cleaning method, rugs should be thoroughly vacuumed before cleaning to remove loose surface dirt.

All referred carpet and rug cleaners have been trained to the highest industry standard in the art of carpet and rug cleaning and care by skilled specialists. This includes: hot water extraction systems, dry carpet and rug cleaning, steam cleaning and stain removal techniques, mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, ScotchGuard™ treatment and stain protection.
Professional rug cleaning experts use powerful carpet cleaning equipment manufactured by industry leaders.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning involves a cleaning process to get the best possible result for your upholstery. Trained technicians know how to get the best possible results when cleaning your Upholstery. The process is as follows:
1) Inspection in order to discover the material and construction of your Upholstery and to observe the levels of soiling and what spots and stains are present.
2) Vacuuming Using high powered vacuum cleaners they remove as much of the soiling as they can whilst it is dry including all the cracks and crevices.
3) Spot and Stain Removal Using special spot and stain removers they will attempt removal of stubborn marks prior to cleaning. Although they make every effort to remove stains they cannot guarantee that all stains will be removable.
4) Pre-TreatmentThis is where they apply a fine mist of eco friendly non detergent carpet cleaning solution to your expensive upholstery, a light application is all that is needed due to the effectiveness of the solutions. Being non-detergent means there is no sticky residue left behind and no associated re-soiling problem.
5) Agitation Using microfiber gloves and mittens or cloths they will gently massage the pre-treatment in to your upholstery fabric to ensure complete coverage of all the fibers.
6) Extraction Using latest technology tools, (Provides fast drying times of hours not days) they rinse your upholstery with clean water and high powered vacuum machines (many times more powerful than rental machines) removing the dirt and soil left in your upholstery.
7) Grooming Using a specially designed brush they will groom your upholstery to help lift the pile, remove tooling marks and aid drying.


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